Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My pen and paper causes a chain reaction, to get your brain relaxin- a zany actin maniac in action

So I decided I would handle the advertising/media portion of Discovered!

During the beginning stages I recorded a song named "Everything But The Kitchen Sink", which was recorded but never mixed and mastered due to how quickly the game changed its premise.

So I got the creative juices flowing again and came up with a couple of verses based on Discovered!- We're gonna try to get a video/commercial for this, but I might as well do a live performance.

Also, I finished all the cards (Yes Yunlu, I know you got mad I had 4 to go :P) and the final gametesting will be executed tomorrow as our group reunites for one last time before the BIG DAY!

See it used to be- Everything but the kitchen sink- I had to, strategize now I sit and think- I was, Brainstormin, this game, I can't call it- Gotta make original gameplay that ain't boring

Good job at succeeding team, the game's awesome.

Cant wait to play Supernova

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Long needed update

This is the first update I've made in a while and it is also only a few days from when the game is being turned in. Everything with our final game is turning out well. We aren't totally done, but the game is coming together well. Thankfully Yunlu is awesome at Photoshop so our game is aesthetically pleasing. The trivia questions are also pleasing because they range in difficulty and genre. Everyone that has looked over them has really enjoyed trying to answer them and just hearing the ones they didn't know. If all goes well the game is going to turn out well and people are going to love playing it

Monday, April 14, 2008

Our game was then playtested...

During last week's session our game was playtested and we came to the conclusion that we have several loose ends to tie.

I am pretty sure that between this post and the last post we decided to change the game idea from music and movies to movies and television and thus, the placeholder for television cards is not going to be an ipod, but a remote control instead! Yunlu has made several finishing touches on the game board and will have another picture to post in the near future.

The playtesters told our group that they enjoyed the game however we needed to come up with a better idea for earning money. So, instead of earning a certain amount of dollars at every turn and counting it up right then and there, we are developing a new way to earn large amounts of money over time. That large development will be announced after we play the game a few times ourselves.

The movie and television show question list is ongoing and we add to it whenever we think of a question. We hope to have close to 60 movie cards and 60 television show cards. Note that each card has three questions on it that can be answered in a different way. We also took the advice from the playtesters; we separated the questions so that no card has more than one question on it about the same movie or television show. This way players will have an equal chance to get a questions right. This method eliminates any cards that have ONE movie or TV show theme on it.

At this time our game is still in the making. We still have to buy supplies to beautify the game. One perk of photoshop we found is that we are using the same logo on the game board to decorate the box.