Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My pen and paper causes a chain reaction, to get your brain relaxin- a zany actin maniac in action

So I decided I would handle the advertising/media portion of Discovered!

During the beginning stages I recorded a song named "Everything But The Kitchen Sink", which was recorded but never mixed and mastered due to how quickly the game changed its premise.

So I got the creative juices flowing again and came up with a couple of verses based on Discovered!- We're gonna try to get a video/commercial for this, but I might as well do a live performance.

Also, I finished all the cards (Yes Yunlu, I know you got mad I had 4 to go :P) and the final gametesting will be executed tomorrow as our group reunites for one last time before the BIG DAY!

See it used to be- Everything but the kitchen sink- I had to, strategize now I sit and think- I was, Brainstormin, this game, I can't call it- Gotta make original gameplay that ain't boring

Good job at succeeding team, the game's awesome.

Cant wait to play Supernova

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Michael Goeller said...

Where is the link to your final website?