Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To Sum up

Final Project: Second Meeting
 The group minus Ricardo worked further on Everything But the Kitchen Sink.
We made major progress as we changed the type of cards and the method of questioning as well as the design of the game board. 
 The EBTKS has a new and distinct theme that will encompass multimedia questions that involve music and movie trivia. However, trivia is not the end of our ideas, players will engage in the game by improvising scenes in movies, finishing lyrics to songs or come to a general consensus about a question.
 The game board will be in the shape of a movie reel and the players will travel along the film. A six sided dice will be used to determine the amount of spaces a player will advance. 
 The rules  are to be determined. Here's a glimpse of how our game board 
might look like. 

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Braccio said...

Our game board is slick =)